SG50 Singapore Bird $1 Commemorative Souvenir


Rare, discontinued and in uncirculated condition, the Bird $1 currency note encapsulated in acrylic with the printed slogan “50 Years of Independence”, elegantly presented in a gold colour gift box and a certificate of authenticity.

Limited to 500 only. Order now!

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To celebrate and to remember Singapore’s Golden Jubilee, these rare and discontinued notes from Singapore’s four currency series that played an important role in our nation building are brought back and encapsulated in acrylic, to preserve a part of our history for future generations. Individually presented in a luxurious gold colour gift box together with a certificate of authenticity, limited to 500 pieces only.

The Singapore Bird currency series was the second currency series after the Orchid. The Bird $1 was issued on 6th August 1976, some 39 years ago. The entire Bird series was discontinued in 1984 replaced by the Ship series.  It’s also the first currency note to feature the National Day Parade at the Padang. It’s rare and hard to find such notes in uncirculated mint condition.

Purchase this unique & highly collectible SG50 Bird $1 commemorative souvenir now! Please provide a daytime address where someone is available to receive delivery from the courier.

The Singapore’s Golden Jubilee Collectible Currency Series is listed on MCCY’s SG50 official website.

Read more about the Singapore Golden Jubilee Collectible Currency Series here.








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