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Currency notes are a medium of exchange used for the purpose of buying and selling. But it is more than that. It is an important medium that the government of the day used to communicate with its people and the rest of the world. It is a medium of propaganda and a showcase of history, culture, politics and economic success. It is the pride of the nation and its people. Consequently, the design of currency notes are often ornate, incredibly detailed and even breathtaking,  as works of art and to deter counterfeiting.

When currency notes are damaged, worn-out or become unfit for circulation, they are destroyed and replaced with new ones. Once in a while, entire series of currency notes are redesigned with enhanced security features to stay ahead of counterfeiters  or to mark the beginning of a new era. Old currency notes are taken out of circulation and destroyed. Over time they become scarce and collectible.

uncutcurrency.sg is a Singapore based company that aspires to make collecting currency seriously fun! We specialize in encapsulating currency notes into acrylic with special designs to commemorate  important events, as special rewards for deserving employees or as premium corporate gifts for VIP clients.

Encapsulated in acrylic, the pristine condition of the currency notes are preserved together with their value. The shine and weight of acrylic gives it a lavish look and feel. More importantly, the recipient is getting an amazing work of art, a masterpiece memento that may see its value increased over time!

Being currency collectors ourselves, we are able to source for current and discontinued series such as the Orchid (1967-1976), Bird (1976-1984), Ship (1984-1999) and Portrait (since 1999).

We welcome government agencies, corporations, associations, clubs, schools and institutions to use us to create that inspiring and unforgettable memento!

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