Singapore’s Golden Jubilee Collectible Currency Series

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A lot of people are asking me, why am I doing this? Creating the Singapore’s Golden Jubilee Collectible Currency Series. Why go through so much trouble, just to create a souvenir for ordinary folks who only appreciate its face value a lot more than its artistic and collecting values?

I think SG50 is a good opportunity to showcase what this tiny little red dot has given us over the last 50 years. As a currency enthusiast, I think it is important to share with our  fellow countrymen and our children, the currency of our nation.

For this young nation, we have produced just 4 currency series: Orchid, Bird, Ship & Portrait. Currency notes that were discontinued were removed from circulation, most ended up at the shredder. Whatever that survived were kept in biscuit tins or boxes in mouldy wardrobes, forgotten and eventually rot away. The lucky ones ended up in the hands of collectors. Good quality notes become more and more expensive as local & international collectors buy them up. Over time, we can be sure there can only be fewer and prices are higher.

It would be a shame if our children and their children, can only see our older currency in museums and auction houses. So I want ordinary folks to own a piece of our history to enjoy and to hand them down to future generations: currency notes that have powered our nation to what it is today and the future.

To celebrate and to remember Singapore’s Golden Jubilee, I selected six rare and discontinued notes from Singapore’s four currency series, that have played an important role in our nation building, the notes that ordinary folks used most, the $1 and $2. These notes are encapsulated in acrylic so that they can be displayed and enjoyed, their condition can be better protected and preserved for future generations.

The Singapore’s Golden Jubilee Collectible Currency Series is listed on MCCY SG50 official website.

The Golden Jubilee Set.

The Golden Jubilee Set.









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