SG50 Special: The Singapore Ship $2 Red Currency Note in Acrylic

Rare Ship $2 Red currency note encapsulated in acrylic.

The Ship $2 Red was issued on 28th January 1991.

It was the first $2 currency note, a major change in currency denomination indicating a significant shift in our economic progress and spending patterns. But being red in colour, it was almost similar to the $10, although it is of a different shade and size. Some would argue that it is not red but orange! So is it RED or ORANGE?

Officially it is RED. But you can call it ORANGE . . .

In less than a year in circulation, the RED was changed to PURPLE on 16th December 1991.

Question: Who was so against red and wanted it changed? Who are the “complain kings and queens”?

Answer: The hawkers and small traders! They were confused by the new Red $2 as though they were the $10. These were the real people that run our economy, our daily lives, and the authorities took their “feedback” very seriously and swift actions were taken!

Now if you think having a typo error on 2 million folders is serious and overwhelming, what about having the wrong colour on a currency note?

Do you know how many Ship $2 Red were printed? 120 million. (Source: Is that a lot? Yes, if you count them one piece at a time. For $1 & $2 notes, 120 million is just a small pile.

As a matter of fact, it is the smallest pile of $1 & $2 notes ever printed out of the four series. Collectible? Definitely. (Only a tiny percentage of discontinued notes will survive, most end up at the shredders, and even fewer in pristine condition.)

The Ship $2 Red currency notes has two firsts:

  1. the least printed $1 and $2 currency notes; and
  2. the currency note with the shortest circulated period (less than 12 months).

That’s really not bad! Not bad at all!

To preserve for future generations, now encapsulated in acrylic¬†with the printed slogan “Majulah Singapura 1965 – 2015″, these magnificent pieces are presented in a luxurious gold colour gift box, together with a certificate of authenticity.

Celebrating Singapore’s 50 Years of Independence.

Limited to 500 pieces.

The Singapore’s Golden Jubilee Collectible Currency Series is listed on MCCY’s SG50 official website.

Rare Ship $2 Red currency note encapsulated in acrylic.

Rare Ship $2 Red currency note encapsulated in acrylic.

Rare Ship $2 Red currency note encapsulated in acrylic.

Rare Ship $2 Red currency note encapsulated in acrylic.


by Russell Cheong

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