SG50 Special: The Portrait $2 Paper Currency Note in Acrylic

Singapore Portrait $2 (Paper) note encapsulated in acrylic.

The Singapore Portrait currency series is the fourth series after the Ship. The Portrait $2 (Paper) was issued on 9th September 1999. It was the third $2 currency note and the LAST of the paper series, replaced by its polymer brethren on 12 January 2006. (I put the LAST in caps because I want you to know this is the LAST $2 paper.)

Since there were no changes in its design, the Portrait $2 (Paper) was neglected by collectors and quietly went out of circulation. Yes, your family and friends have some here and there but are they in mint uncirculated condition? They look recent but in fact, they are issued 16 years ago. YES! They are in Sec 4 this year! :-)))

The Portrait $2 paper is extremely hard to find and very rare in uncirculated mint condition. Try going to your numismatic dealers or friends in the collecting circles and ask to buy a stack of mint uncirculated Portrait $2 Paper. It’s almost impossible. I’ve tried, bought some and I’m still short, so I’m buying more. If you have Portrait $2 paper in stacks, sell them to me!

So based on scarcity, I think they are very collectible. And it will only get lesser and lesser.

To preserve for future generations, now encapsulated in acrylic with the printed slogan “Singapore’s Golden Jubilee 1965 – 2015″, these magnificent pieces are presented in a luxurious gold coloured gift box together with a certificate of authenticity.

Limited to 500 pieces only.

The Singapore’s Golden Jubilee Collectible Currency Series is listed on MCCY SG50 official website.

Singapore Portrait $2 (Paper)

Singapore Portrait $2 (Paper)



Singapore Portrait $2 (Paper) currency note encapsulated in acrylic.

Singapore Portrait $2 (Paper) currency note encapsulated in acrylic.

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