SG50 Special: The Ship $2 Purple Currency Note in Acrylic

Ship $2 Purple currency note encapsulated in acrylic.

The Ship series was the third Singapore currency series.

The Ship $2 Purple was issued on 16th December 1991. It was the second $2 currency and first currency note in purple, replacing the short-lived Ship $2 Red. We know the Ship $2 Red was replaced because it’s colour was quite similar to the $10 although it was of a different shade and size.

So I can say this Ship $2 Purple currency note was an accidental note, it was unplanned for, and it was the first note issued because of a colour change.

In fact this was the only note in the Ship series and the first note out of all series to adopt asymmetrical serial numbers. The Ship $2 Purple was in circulation for 8 years , I bet you didn’t know that the total notes printed was a lot lesser than the Bird series and Orchid series (source: It was replaced by the Portrait series in 1999.

Paper currency notes have shorter circulation life-spans, only a very small percentage survived when they are replaced by a new series, and even fewer in pristine condition. As such, discontinued currency notes in mint and uncirculated condition do command a premium.

To preserve for future generations, now encapsulated in acrylic with the printed slogan “Together We Are Singapore”, these magnificent pieces are presented in a luxurious gold colour gift box together with a certificate of authenticity.

Celebrating Singapore’s 50 Years of Independence.

Limited to 500 pieces.

The Singapore’s Golden Jubilee Collectible Currency Series is listed on MCCY SG50 official website.

Ship $2 Purple currency note encapsulated in acrylic.

Ship $2 Purple currency note encapsulated in acrylic.







为了庆祝新加坡金禧年,这款绝版稀有纸钞,重新登场。未流通品相船2 元面额紫色纸钞被封装在亚克力里。豪华金色礼盒包装,配有证书。精美收藏,世代相传。



Ship $2 Purple currency note encapsulated in acrylic.

Ship $2 Purple currency note encapsulated in acrylic.

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