Singapore Portrait Series: Feng Shui Currency Notes

Port FirstIssue 02-1A

Currency notes contain messages.

Some of these messages are visible to the eyes, some are hidden and some are invisible and can only be seen under ultra-violet light.

Port FirstIssue 02-1A

In the above $2 portrait series banknote, you can see clearly the hologram on the left and the digit 2 on the right.

“Singapore” in four official languages, and right on top of that, a row of micro lettering which you can only see if you have a strong magnifier.

Can you see the micro lettering?

For this first series of Portrait banknotes, it reads “BOARDOFCOMMISSIONERSOFCURRENCYSINGAPORE”. 

Now can you tell me, how many times of the above, is repeated on the banknote? :-) Tell us on Facebook page.

Port FirstIssue 05-1A

In the above $5 banknote, what can you see in the hologram on the left?

In the hologram, can you see a “$” logo and behind of that  can you see “BCCS:? And a digit 5 on the right? If you can, that’s very good!

What about the big digit 5 on the right? 

Can you see the ‘BCCS’ micro lettering on the shadow of the digit? And some kind of motif on the face of the digit 5?

Port FirstIssue 10-1A

Next, the $10 banknote above.

Now, if you look at the images of the $2, $5, $10 and $50 banknotes, the design theme is consistent: hologram on the left and digit of the value of the banknote on the right.

“BCCS” micro lettering can be found on the shadow of the digit and a different motif on the face of the digit for each note.

Take a closer look at the motifs. What are these motifs and what do they represent?

They look familiar? Seen them somewhere? 

These motifs are auspicious symbols! You could have seen them at the Forbidden City in Beijing, the museum, a Chinese temple or on TV.

Port FirstIssue 50-1A

The auspicious symbols found on the Singapore Portrait Series banknotes are represented as follows:

  1. $  2 – Bats 蝙蝠, a symbol of happiness and joy, and the Chinese for bat sounds identical to the word for good fortune.
  2. $  5 – Pomegranates 石榴, is symbol of prosperity and fertility in many cultures and religions.
  3. $10 – Chinese Coin 铜钱, is a symbol of prosperity and wealth.
  4. $50 – Peaches 寿桃, is a symbol of longevity and immortality. 

Don’t you feel blessed just by carrying these notes? I really hope so :-)

But there is one more . . . what’s the biggest and most obvious auspicious symbol on the portrait series banknotes???

It’s the BA-GUA 八卦 (the Chinese Octagon), represented by the HOLOGRAM, used to harmonize the environment and create good fortune in Chinese geomancy!

Being reflective it actually works like a ba-gua mirror, used to reflect and divert negative qi (energy). 

So next time when you’re feeling down and out, take out a wad of Portrait series banknotes and you should feel better. :-)))

To find out more about the auspicious creatures in the Ship Series, read here.

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