Singapore Bird Specimen Currency Notes (Part 2)


The Singapore Bird series banknotes is like the second son, always a shadow of the eldest, always taken for granted, and always never taken seriously. The eldest son is always favored because he is the first child and always perceived to be the smartest and brightest.

But that’s beginning to change.

The Bird Specimen Set that was auctioned off in March 2013 was hammered down for S$5,000; inclusive of 18% buyer’s premium the set was paid for at S$5,900. Although all the notes in this set is PMG rated and cannot be compared to an unrated set, it still speaks volume of what’s to come.


Based on available auction information, there were a total of 4 Bird Specimen sets sold from 2009 to 2011. None was available for auction in 2012; the PMG set was the first to be sold in 2013.

Mavin                 Lot          Album      Realized       Paid  
Auction              no.           no.           Price            (+18%)

29  Nov 2011      689          089          S$3,100        S$3,658

26  Mar 2011      753          293          S$1,750        S$2,065

24  July 2010      829          121          S$1,690        S$1,994

22  Nov 2009      638           Nil           S$   830        S$    979

Auction information is taken from Mavin International website.

The realized price and total price may not be accurate due to different forex rates and buyer’s premium.

The trend is obvious and needs no further explanation. For those who have sold out earlier because you’ve lost faith: you did what you need to do then, you may consider buying back now (pun intended). For those who are still holding on, the day has finally come, it’s time to cash out, you may consider selling to me :-))) (pun unintended).


The Singapore banknote series:

  1. Orchid —-1967 to 1976 (10yrs)
  2. Bird ——–1976 to 1984 (9 yrs)
  3. Ship ——-1984 to 1999 (16 yrs)
  4. Portrait —-1999 to present (14 yrs; up to 2013)

The Singapore Specimen Sets (public sale):

  1. Orchid LKS 5pc:   77 sets
  2. Orchid HSS 5pc:   89 sets
  3. Orchid HSS 6pc:   82 sets
  4. Bird HSS 6pc    :   311 sets

Total Orchid sets: 248. Total Orchid & Bird sets: 559.


Front: Bird $100 note A/1 000000 overprinted with “SPECIMEN”.


Back: Bird $100 note overprinted  with “SPECIMEN”.

by Russell Cheong

owner & author of

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