Singapore Banknotes Ship $10 40-in-1 Uncut Sheet (Part 2)

My first post in this blog was on the Ship $10 40-notes. There has been some interests on this uncut sheet recently and so I’d like to provide more insights into this beautiful piece.

Date of Issue: January 1998
Size: 553 x 702 mm
Signed by Minister for Finance Dr. Hu Tsu Tau.
Special serial no.: D/8x 20×592.
All notes bears the same last 3 digits of 592.
Come with box and certificate.
Certificate serial no. and note’s last 3 digits are matching.
Limited to 1,000 sheets only.

Serial Number Configuration:
This Ship $10 40-notes uncut sheet has 8 rows and 5 columns.
The serial numbers are arranged as follows.

1st Column:       2nd Column     3rd Column    4th Column    5th Column
D/85 200592    D/85 201592    D/85 202         D/85 203        D/85 204
D/86 200592    D/86 201592    D/86 202
D/87 200592    D/87 201592    D/87 202
D/88 200592    D/88 201592    D/88 202
D/89 200592    D/89 201592    D/89 202
D/90 200592    D/90 201592    D/90 202
D/91 200592    D/91 201592    D/91 202
D/92 200592    D/92 201592    D/92 202

Looking at the above, each column contains 8 prefixes, starting from D/85 to D/92. 

The first 3 digits in each column is the same: 
column 1 starts with 200, column 2 -201, column 3- 202, column 4- 203, and column 5- 204. 

The last 3 digits are the same throughout.

Did you realize this serial number arrangement is completely different from the Ship $5 40-notes?

On the front, the $10 note features a barter trading vessel Palari.

The Ship $10 note is very well designed with it’s distinctive red colour. The graphics blend in perfectly to make this a good looking note. The embossed print effects of this note on watermarked paper allow you to feel it between your fingers. Visually it has a pop-up effect and it’s so much more interesting than the current polymer portrait series which feel completely flat.

On the reverse of the note, a view of public housing and the map of Singapore.

Question: Do you know which other notes bear the theme “Public Housing” and the map of Singapore?

If you’ve the answers, please tell us on our Facebook Page.

by Russell Cheong

owner & author of

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