Singapore Ship $2 25-in-1 Uncut Sheet with BCCS Overprint

 This Ship $2 25-in-1 uncut sheet is issued to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Board of Commissioners of Currency Singapore (BCCS).

This is a very unique piece of uncut sheet; it comes with a special commemorative text over-printed on the top border of the uncut sheet:

“In Commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of the Board of Commissioners of Currency, Singapore 12 June 1992”.


To make this numismatic sheet even more unusual, after the commemorative text, the sheet serial number is also overprinted on the top right corner: “BCCS No: 0XXXX”.

The last 4 digits of the serial number coincide with the last 4 digits of each note.

As far as I know, this uncut sheet has achieved three “first”:

  • First uncut sheet to have commemorative texts overprinted.
  • First uncut sheet to have the serial number overprinted.
  • First uncut sheet to have a 3-sided border around the sheet (top, left and right).




Subsequent uncut sheets that have printing borders include the Ship $5, Portrait series $2 Y2K, $10 and $50 uncut sheets.

So I’d say this is a unique sheet but in terms of production numbers, it is quite large, probably in the ten-thousand range. But even so, very few can be found in the market.

Date of issue: June 1992.
Size: 675.5x 326 mm
Signed by Minister for Finance Dr Hu Tsu Tau.
Special serial no: Nx 2×3076
All notes bear the same last 4 digits of 3076.
Come in a wooden box.
Uncirculated mint condition.
Sheet printed serial no. : BCCS NO: 03076
Sheet serial no. and note’s last 4 digits are matching.
Production: over ten thousand sheets (estimated).

Serial Number Configuration:
This Ship $2 uncut sheet has 5 rows and 5 columns.
The serial numbers are arranged as follows.

1st column     2nd column     3rd column     4th column     5th column

NR 203076     NS 203076     NT 203076     NU 203076     NV 203076
NR 223076     NS 223076     NT 223076     NU 223076     NV 223076
NR 243076     NS 243076     NT 243076     NU 243076     NV 243076
NR 263076     NS 263076     NT 263076     NU 263076     NV 263076
NR 283076     NS 283076     NT 283076     NU 283076     NV 283076

Based on the above, each column has a prefix that starts with the same serial number 203076, and the second digit changes in ascending order (0 to 2 to 4 to 6 and 8), from top to bottom.

This arrangement is different from the Ship $5 and $10 uncut sheets.


This is a beautiful note with a solid and attractive purple colour. This was the first purple coloured note and it has definitely done better than the orangey one. As a small $2 note, it is well-balanced and full of meaningful content that’s iconic to Singapore. I especially like the “Chingay Procession” on the reverse that depicts the distinctive traditional cultural performances of the Singapore Chinese, Malay and Indian races, demonstrating the essence of racial harmony, a corner-stone of Singapore’s multi-racial society.

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by Russell Cheong

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