Singapore Banknotes Ship $5 40-in-1 Uncut Sheet 新加坡 $5元船舶系列40张连体钞

This Singapore Ship $5 uncut sheet is quite unusual. Issued to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), it bears two (2) special overprints on alternate notes: the MAS logo and the MAS 30th anniversary logo. 

Overprints on Singapore notes are rare. 

Does the 30th anniversary logo looks familiar? Yes, it’s the same logo used on the Ship $100 28-in-1 uncut sheet. These were the only two uncut sheets issued to mark the special occasion.

To make this uncut sheet even more collectible, the sheet actually comes with a printing border, something unusual: 
  1. at the top     – a colour bar with alphabets indicating the columns
  2. on the left     – arabic numbers indicating the rows & a set of printed numbers probably indicating batch numbers and, production date and time.
  3. on the right   – a smaller border with markings.
  4. at the bottom- a semi circle notch and a set of printed numbers

Top border: colour bar 顶部颜色彩条。

Top and left border: Alphabet A, B, C, D, E indicating the 5 columns (on the top). 
Arabic numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 indicating the rows (on the left).
顶部: 字母A, B, C, D, E 标明五个栏。

左侧: 阿拉伯数字1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 标明八个行。

On the left border, a set of printed numbers probably indicating  batch numbers, and production date and time. If that’s true, then the sheets were printed on 22 February 1995, at 7.38pm. That’s about 30 months before the issue date. 
左侧: 一组可能代表生产批号,生产日期和时间的打印数字。如属实, 那此张未切割纸币是在一九九五年,二月二十二日,晚上七点三十八分生产。
So are you looking forward to 2015? In other words printing would be completed in 2013 (?). Final design and approval would be given in 2012 (?). What am I talking about? 

Ok, back to the Ship $5 uncut sheet.

At the bottom: a semicircle notch in between the first and second column. Anyone knows the purpose of this notch?

At the bottom right-hand corner, a set of printed numbers. Anyone knows what it means?

On the reverse-side, the colour bar is at the bottom. The set of printed numbers is different from the front.

If you’ve engaged a printer in your course of work, you’d know this is the original print that comes off the press before the sheet is cut to it’s required size.

Most uncut sheets do NOT come with the printing borders. The only other uncut sheet (pre-portrait series) that do come with borders would be the Ship $2 (Violet) 25-in-1, commemorating MAS 25th anniversary.


Date of issue: August 1997.
Size: 569 x 688 mm
Signed by Minister for Finance Hu Tsu Tau.
Special serial no: B/xx 9xx592
All notes bears the same last 3 digits of 592.
Come with box and certificate. 
Certificate serial no. and note’s last 3 digits are non-matching.
Limited to 1,000 sheets only.

Serial Number Configuration:
This Ship $5 uncut sheet has 8 rows and 5 columns.
The serial numbers are arranged as follows.

1st column: 

B/28 959592 
B/28 909592
B/28 859592
B/28 809592

B/29 959592
B/29 909592
B/29 859592
B/29 809592

Based on the above, the entire sheet has 10 prefixes: 
B/28, B/29, B/30, B/31, B/32, B/33, B/34, B/35, B/36 & B/37; 
and 4 sets of numbers (959, 909, 859, 809) that ends with 592 and are repeated with each prefix.

My other Ship $5 uncut sheet (last 3 digit 593), also bears the exact prefixes, serial no. and configuration. 

Is it the same for all other Ship $5 uncut sheets? 
If you’ve one of this, check it out and tell us on our Facebook Page.

The Ship $5 note is well designed with a vibrant green mixed with yellow and red. A majestic reverse but I find it a less prominent note compared to the other notes of the same series because the Twakow, the star subject of this note, is overly subtle. To put it plainly it is too small without emphasis and there’s too much empty space around it. Looking at it, I still can’t tell what’s a Twakow.

1. Among the $2, $5, $10, $50 and $100 notes, which has the lowest “in circulation” numbers?

2. The beautiful reverse of the Ship $5 note showcases the Merlion and the PSA container terminal. Is this the terminal at Keppel or West Coast? The 5-storey building could be a clue.

If you’ve the answers, please tell us on our Facebook Page.

So with this, the publication for the Ship series is complete ($2, $5, $10, $50 & $100). I will provide an update for the Ship $10, $50 and $100 in the near future.

Hope you like it so far. And please LIKE us on Facebook.

新加坡 $5元船舶系列40张未切割纸币






顶部 – 颜色彩条和用字母标明的栏。
左侧 – 用阿拉伯数字标明的行和一组可能代表生产批号,生产日期和时间的打印数字。
右侧 – 一个较小有标记的边框。
底部 – 一个半圆形的缺口和一组打印数字。

平面印刷产品, 成品后都须切割到实际大小,边框都会被切掉。


尺寸:569 x 688 mm
所有纸币都有特别钞票序号D/XX XXX592。


B/28 959592
B/28 909592
B/28 859592
B/28 809592
B/29 959592
B/29 909592
B/29 859592
B/29 809592


B /28, B/29, B/30, B/31, B/32, B/33, B/34, B/35, B/36 & B/37;
和四组号码 (959, 909, 859, 809) 接相同结尾号码592;

我的另一张$5元未切割纸币(以593结尾)序列号和号码也按如上方式排列。如果您也有相同的$5元未切割纸币 ,请去查看排列是否一样,并在我们的Facebook页面上告诉我们您的发现。



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by Russell Cheong

owner & author of

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