Singapore Orchid Specimen Banknotes – LKS Reverse (Part 2)

As you may know, a 5-note HSS Orchid Specimen set was auction-off for a lackluster three thousand over dollars in 2010. That was the only set that was sold publicly, and as a result it set a benchmark price for the Orchid Specimen 5-note set in 2010. No other set came up in the market after that. 

So what’s the market price of the Orchid Specimen Set in 2012?

A fellow collector who bought the Ship $100 28-in-1 uncut sheet from me, requested I sell him my Orchid Specimen sets. So I offered him 3 sets: Orchid 5-notes LKS, Orchid 5-notes HSS and Bird 6-notes HSS, at a low 5 figure sum. Obviously the 2010 benchmark price was brought up and the deal fell through. I wouldn’t blame him because no one is sure about the present price. 

But I’m keen to know what’s the market price, so I put  up a LKS 5-note set on our friendly auction site and BANG!!! I received multiple offers, emails after emails, ranging from dealers to collectors and at the last minute before the auction closes, Mr. L made his move and the set was sold and a new benchmark price was set. 

Thanks to Mr. L, I’ve the opportunity to take out the set and let it see some daylight. Since it is going to a new home, I must take some photo: yes I didn’t bother for 25 long years!!! 

Below are the reverse-side of the Orchid Specimen 5-notes set, signed by Lim Kim San and limited to 77 sets only.

$1 note: public housing;  Housing & Development Board (HDB) 10-storey tall 1-room flats.

$5 note: my favorite- the Singapore River at Boat Quay; I could still vividly remember the stench of the river. It took a decade to clean up the river; a mega feat that also took away the river’s soul.

$10 note: four major races; a united multi-racial society. If you look carefully, there’s a map of Singapore behind the clasped hands. Do you know how many other notes have the map of Singapore in it’s design?
$50 note: Clifford Pier, aka Red-light Pier. For seafarers, this is the Pearly Gates into Singapore and then sell some stuff at Change-Alley before heading to Bugis! I took my first ever ferry ride to Kusu island from this pier decades ago.
$100 note: this is the most uninteresting design of the Orchid notes: ” a peaceful scene along the Singapore waterfront”. The buildings on the right looked like the Old Supreme Court,Victoria Theatre and City Hall. The tall building on the left looked like Prima Flour. And the sailing boat. Is this “scene” historically relevant?
Inside cover of the folder, spelling out the specs of the notes.

by Russell Cheong

owner & author of

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