Printers of Singapore Banknotes Orchid Series

Do you know who are the printers of the Orchid series banknotes?

You will not fail to notice on the reverse-side of the Orchid notes, at the bottom centre, in fine print: 

  1. Bradbury Wilkinson & Co. Ld New Maiden, Surrey, England
  2. Thomas De La Rue & Company, Limited.

These were the only two printers of the Singapore Orchid series banknotes.

Do you know which notes did they print?

Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co printed the Orchid $1, $5 and $100.
Thomas De La Rue & Company printed the Orchid $10, $25 and $50.

Based on the above printing order of the Orchid banknotes, would it be the same for the Bird series (and the Ship & Portrait)? 

Stay tuned.

by Russell Cheong

owner & author of

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