Singapore Banknotes Ship $2 (Red) 3-in-1 Uncut Sheet 新加坡船舶系列二元(红)3张连体钞

This is the first uncut sheet ever produced by the Board of Commissioners of Currency, Singapore (BCCS), to commemorate the issuing of the new Ship series banknotes.

This initial version printed in red was halted because the color was quite similar to the $10 note which was also in red. A subsequent version in purple was adopted.

Released in 1993.
Signed by Minister of Finance Hu Tsu Tau.
Uncirculated mint condition.
Original package in a folder.

Rare first series $2 Ship Series in Red 3-in-1 uncut sheet.

新加坡 $2元船舶系列3张红色连体钞,由新加坡货币专员委员会发行(BCCS)。

这是两元船系列第一次发行连体钞 。这 第一次船系列红色3张连体钞 ,因为接近十元纸币的红色,所以很快被换成第二系列的紫色。





罕见早期$2元红色船舶系列3张连体钞 。罕见珍藏品。

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2 thoughts on “Singapore Banknotes Ship $2 (Red) 3-in-1 Uncut Sheet 新加坡船舶系列二元(红)3张连体钞

  1. Kuan C T says:

    Hi Mr. Cheong

    Appreciate it if you could tell me the issue price for Singapore Banknotes Ship $2 3-in-1 Uncut Sheet (Red) and (Purple).


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